Enjoy the Best of Japan near Tokyo!

Hakone, Kamakura, Sagami Bay, Mt Fuji, Izu



Climb Mt Fuji, or trek around its five lakes, Cycle & Trek in Natural Wonders, Sail across Sagami Bay,  Dive in Sagami Bay best spots, Paddle, Surf & Swim in Waves, Fish off Sagami Bay, ...and much more!


Discover Fish Markets, typical Villages, Kids Farms, Zoo & Parks, Cultural Treasures & Festivals, Local Crafts, Foods & Interesting Shops, Japanese Gardens & Arts Natural & Historical World Heritage Sites, ...


Unique Natural Hot Springs, Onsen & Rotenburo, Hotels perfectly suited for you & your family BBQ on beautiful Beach, Sunsets, Plenty of Japanese cuisine discoveries & enjoyments, ...



One of the best things about Hakone is that it easily appeals to all visitors. With so many  extraordinary natural & cultural sites, be it from history, art museums, kids activity, trekking, hot springs, and flower festival, Hakone has it all! 

Sagami Bay

Sagami bay, is  home to a myriad of wonderful villages: Hayama, Enoshima, Atami, Shimoda, Izu, Kamakura, Zushi, Akiya, and so many more! Each of them are filled with history, stunning views & natural beauty...


Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain  is a holy mountain & a legendary symbol of Japan, immortalized in countless artworks.  

Mount Fuji, its 5 lakes & surrounding over 100 km in diameter, is home to numerous activities such as green tea & flowers plantations, and many more...


Relax both your body and soul surrounded by the best of Japan.

The Izu peninsula is a large mountainous beautiful area with deeply indented coasts...


The monumental Kamakura bronze Amitabha Buddha is a must see, a unique emotional experience, as one of the most impressive & beautiful Buddha sculpture in the world.

The Kamakura Buddha appeals so strongly with his natural own presence filled with tenderness & serenity. Build casted in copper in 1252, he survived a few tsunamis, typhons & earthquakes...



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